What is Product Review Report?

Product Review Report is the leading community of online business reviewers. The community helps consumers find great online businesses and avoid scams. The community has grown to over 950,000 members and has reviewed over 108,000 products. Product Review Report was developed by Consumers Moderators

Why was Product Review Report started?

Product Review Report goal is to make the internet a better place for consumers. We envision a day when consumers no longer have to deal with reviewing products after they have bought them

How is Product Review Report different from other review platforms?

Product Review Report is the only review platform that does not charge product companies to manage their products. Businesses can freely respond to reviews and collect reviews from their customers

What does the press say about Product Review Report?

Product Review Report was named a “Top 100 Website” by PC Magazine and CNN Money named Product Review Report as the #1 step consumers should take when deciding to buy a product.

• Shape the marketplace. We rigorously and fearlessly test, review, and report on products and services, equipping product review pro to make meaningful choices that improve their own lives and move the marketplace to better meet their needs.

• Influence businesses. As the leading voice and champion of consumers, we are uniquely positioned to work with businesses to improve products and practices, bringing safer and healthier options to the market in response to product review report needs.

• Guide rule makers. We bring together our scientific expertise and nonpartisan analysis with the power of product review report coalitions to elevate commonsense, consumer-friendly rules (legislation and regulation), fight policies that harm product review report, and rebalance market forces to favor product review report’ health, safety, privacy, and financial security.

Across everything we do, product review report unites impartial, trustworthy guidance with of unwavering commitment to equipping product review report to make informed decisions.

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