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Fellowes 3229901 Powershred 99Ci 100% Jam Proof Cross-Cut Paper Shredder

Bought this shredder to replace a 10 year-old Staples heavy-duty unit in my home office. Selected the Fellows because of reviews found here and elsewhere on the ’Net. This Fellows shredder is As Advertised! Great value. Super quiet. Efficient. Safe; so safe, I no longer fear my necktie getting caught and dragging me to my demise

Jiraph Electric Stapler with Staple Remover and 25-Sheet Capacity (Loaded with Staples)

This electronic stapler is amazing. It is easy to use and not heavy so it is portable.

I will be using this stapler both in the classroom and for home use. I like how it has an adjustable feature. It allows the kids to make copies without wasting paper space.

I did have one thing to point out and that is the noise. When the staple goes in, the noise is a bit loud. Not the product to get for kids who have SPD.

Overall a pretty nice machine. Looks great on the desk and does not take up to much space.

Home Premium Rubber Door Stopper – Multi Surface Door Stop (Pack of 4)

This door stopper is a medium weight rubber stopper. It is 4″ long and 1″ wide. It came in a 4 pack. It has a cross bar on the back side that keeps the sides from clasping. I first used it on carpet and it held the door but not tightly. I then used it on tile and it held the door tight. With the width as narrow as it is it would not hold a heavy door. I was hoping to use it on my self closing door but it’s not high enough to catch the door. For doors that are built closer to the ground it works great. I like to keep my bedroom door open a little ways, not shut and not all the way open. The door won’t stay in the position I like, but the stopper holds it tight enough to keep the door in the correct position. I’m not sure using it on carpet would be good around young children because any good tug and the door would give way. This stopper works fantastically on tile and flat floors. On the tile I don’t think a young child would be able to pull it out of place. I used this stopper in a public place on tile and it worked like a charm, everyone wanted one for their office.
I received this product at a reduced price.carpet

B&R Plastics 101-6B-BLUE EZ Foldz

B & R Plastics EASY FOLD Folding Step Stool is the ideal solution for anyone who needs an efficient way to safely access objects that are just out of reach. Compact and lightweight, the EASY FOLD stool is safer than a chair and more convenient than a step ladder. This stool is so easy to use and it is SO STURDY! The entire top is very strong when you unfold it and use the stool.